Temporary Conference Structure

Get the space you need, a comfortable, professional environment and cover from the elements and outside world with Evolution Domes award-winning temporary conference structures.

What can I do with Evolution Dome’s structures?

Whether you’re trying to fit in a few people or a lot, whether you’re hosting an event with strict timetabling, or a more casual setting, you’ll be able to host a comfortable, impressive event through the use of our one of our large variety of inflatable structures.

Our technology is industry leading, able to be linked together to provide multiple subsections and rooms, giving you even more ways to utilize your hire or purchase. Not just do our structures reduce outside noises, but we also have a number optional extras, such as internal LED lighting, meaning as the day goes on, you won’t have to worry about natural light maintaining your event.

For a truly award winning feel to your conference room, impressing employees, VIPs and guests alike, look into one of our amazing domes and structures today. We even have a number of branding options, to truly bring your company together in an environment that is unique to you and your brand.

To find out more about what we offer, get in contact today by filling out the form on our website here. Alternatively, get in contact by giving us a ring on: 01487 640640.

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