How We Accommodate To Your Needs With Our Bespoke Inflatable Structures

Your decision to host an event will give you finite time to organise everything. Invitations, marketing, bookings, event space, timings and more go into the organisation of the event.

It’s your job, therefore, to balance every little element and create the perfect space for your company. We offer and provide bespoke inflatable structures for our clients across the UK and the world.

At Evolution Dome we have the ability to mould our products around the neds of your conference, product launch or annual awards evening.

To highlight the importance of our work, here are three ways our bespoke inflatable structures can benefit your event:

  1. Maximise your space: Generic structures can be useful, but they may feel too big or not accommodate to the number of guests. Our work allows you to turn your venue space into a bubbling cauldron centred around your business and brand.
  2. Excite your visitors: Incorporating breakout rooms or implementing different spaces is easy with our bespoke inflatable structures. We will design them to suit your needs and the expectations of your guests.
  3. All the equipment you need: The interior of the inflatable structure is where you can allow your imagination to run free. Our team at Evolution Dome will ensure that you have the sound systems and AV equipment to complete your event.

To discover more about our bespoke inflatable structures, get in contact with us today.

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