How To Protect Your Event From The Elements This Year

It’s never easy to predict the weather in advance. Even with a week to go before your event, thunderstorms, rain and wind may threaten your event – making it a potentially costly waste of money.

Our team at Evolution Dome understand this and have a wide range of products which can help you to battle against any type of weather you have incoming.

We have ways that you can protect your event and its success. Below we have outlined how our work at Evolution Dome can improve the chances of your event becoming memorable.

How can you protect your event from the elements?

  • Stage covers: We can provide you with outdoor event help for festivals, concerts and gigs. It’s important that you have something you can put your faith in. Our team understand this and can provide stage covers that not only look presentable but will halt rain and cut out wind.
  • Airbeam technology: Our extensive dome range of products can provide you with protection from the elements with ease. The airbeam technology that keeps the dome up allows us to offer wind protection up to 55pmh and it is completely waterproof.
  • Airoof benefits: One of our most popular outdoor event products is the simple yet effective Airoof. It is designed to offer you more space and convenience while protecting your event attendees from the weather outside.

To discover more about our stage covers, airbeam technology and Airoof products for your event, get in contact with us today.

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