How Can Pop Up Structures Simplify Your Event’s Organisation

We all know that setting up and organising an event for your company will be a big responsibility. Individuals higher up the food chain will be visiting; industry experts will be attending; and important investors will be there too.

Our pop-up structures at Evolution Dome are on hand to provide the perfect conference and event space for your company. Any upcoming event can be improved and upgraded with our wide range of indoor and outdoor conference structures.

To help you understand why our pop-up structures are popular for simplifying the organisation of events across the UK and the world, here are four reasons to choose them:

  1. Quick and easy installation: Our team are proud of our ability to setup and install your pop-up structures quickly and effectively.
  2. Improved acoustics: Noise reduction from outside in all our pop-up structures can reach up to 25db. This is also complemented by the large and spacious size of the structure as this helps any music, speeches and more to carry to every guest.
  3. Rip-stop technology: Our pop-up structures can be joined together with break out rooms and separate meeting rooms to create a unique setup.
  4. Air-beam wind rating: All our pop-up structures can be used outside as well as inside. This is due to their ability to stand up to 55mph winds with ease.

If you would like to understand more about our pop-up structures at Evolution Dome, speak with us today.

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