Hosting The Perfect Breakout Sessions With Breakout Spaces For Your Conference

A conference is something that will bring together ideas, new approaches and experiences into one space. The main event area will be vital to the success of the conference, but a growing need for breakout spaces and sessions has become apparent in recent years.

At Evolution Dome we want to help your business maximise the potential of your conference by telling you how to host the ideal breakout sessions.

We have an exclusive range of break out rooms which are available in two different types. Office and Panoramic styles will help you to make the most of the space available.

They can both be illuminated colourfully to give off a distinct vibe and installation can be actioned in mere minutes.

How can you host the perfect breakout session?

  1. Structured event schedule: You will be wasting your investment in breakout spaces if you don’t utilise them properly. Schedule time for everyone to explore the different areas, meet new people and learn about your subject in the areas.
  2. Topic based break out rooms: There will be a theme running through your event, but by assigning different topics to each break out room, you can keep the conversations and discussions flowing.
  3. Think about the size: It’s important that you cater for the number of people attending. While the main bulk may be networking in the larger event space, break out spaces are ideal to make best use of your event space.

Discover more about our inflatable breakout spaces by getting in contact with us today.

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