Evolve Your Event With Ingenious Break Out Spaces

It is a simple addition. It is not particularly complex. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Break out spaces are a popular way of accompanying a big event or conference.

The potential of these areas can only be discovered by trying them at your event. Fortunately, our team at Evolution Dome have great experience in implementing these break out spaces with our inflatable domes and conference equipment.

To help you understand the difference that our break out spaces can make to your event, here are four ways we believe these special areas can be utilised to the best of their ability:

  1. Chill out and cool down room: Mental health and wellbeing is a hot topic in the world of business. Creating a section for relaxing can help to break up the day and ensure that everyone has a chance to get away from the stress of the day.
  2. Networking with a difference: Networking is often boring and requires a fair amount of stamina. Our break out rooms can help you get inventive to bring people together.
  3. Keep the interest up: A whole day of conferences and networking can be tiresome. Break out areas can be used for little lunchrooms and areas for having a quick drink break without the hustle and bustle.
  4. Create an exclusive club: Little signing events, interview rooms and meeting areas can be utilised using our break out space at Evolution Dome.

To take advantage of our break out rooms and ensure your business is always on the front foot, get in contact with us today.

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