Defeat The Elements With Our Temporary Structures

The turning of the seasons coincides with an array of different weather changes. Rain and wind blends with hail and snow to give us the autumn winter feel.

Setting up events in these conditions is difficult, but not something that you should dread. At Evolution Dome we have temporary structures that can withstand the elements to offer you an enclosed, acoustically sound and attractive space for your event.

Hosting conferences, outdoor concerts, product launches and seminars, our temporary structures come in a range of different styles to benefit your event.

To help you defeat the elements and understand the power of our temporary structures, here are three ways our inflatable domes can stand up to the test of the weather:

  1. Windproof: Our inflatable domes and temporary structures can offer a wind rating of up to 55mph. Once we have installed the dome, you will be protected from wind from all directions.
  2. Waterproof: Temporary structures outdoors will need to deal with intermittent drizzle and rain. Our team trust in the waterproof capabilities of our inflatable domes.
  3. Insulated: Not only will our temporary structure provide a waterproofed interior, but the insulated and temperature control inside will ensure the climate is warm and welcoming for all your guests.

To discover more about our temporary structures and the difference we can make, get in contact with us today.

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