All About Our Inflatable Structure

Evolution Domes inflatable structures allow you to get the most out of a business event, a convention, or can simply be used to get you your own space at a crowded place. There are many ways for the large variety of inflatable structures to be used.

The Evolution Dome technology is cutting edge. The Air Beam systems were in design for three years, with experts of all fields making tweaks and carrying out tests. The Air Beam supports itself, meaning if an accident strikes, or the power fails, the structure will retain its shape. This framework can also handle high winds, with our inflatable structures having an incredible 55MPH wind rating. This is then added to our modular door design, and you can see why so many people choose Evolution Dome to host events and promote their brand.

What Can You Use Them For?

Our inflatable domes come in a large variety, whether you want walls alone, or large sprawling halls, we’re certain you’ll find a structure that suits you. These structures can then be populated with furniture, chairs and the like, so that whatever look you desire, whatever function you need fulfilled, everythings sorted.

We’re even capable of adding brands and changing the look of the inflatable structure itself to be consistent with your own brand, and stand out in a crowd.

To get started with your Evolution Dome, simply get in contact with us, either by giving us a ring on the number: 01487 640640.
Or alternatively, fill out the provided contact form on our website, and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

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