Alternatives For Corporate Marquee Hire In The UK

Many companies use them for their events worldwide without a consideration for whether there is a better, more convenient, suitable or beneficial alternative available. Corporate marquee hire in the UK is vital for companies looking to create indoor conferences, outdoor kiosks, ticket offices, stage covers and more. However, when you choose Evolution Dome you can take away more than simply a separate space for your staff, customers, investors and businesspeople.

Our alternatives for corporate marquee hire in the UK come in the form of inflatable structures that are easy to set up and put down, but that’s not all. The inflatable structures that we offer are not merely a space for those conferences, product launches, exhibitions and events because you can gain benefits relating to sound, appearance and flexibility.

Why else choose our alternative to corporate marquee hire at Evolution Dome?

We have options for both indoor and outdoor use – framed by the wind resistance ratings of our inflatable structures – as well as the ability to add LED lighting and allow you to choose from an array of flooring options. You will notice a reduction in exterior noise by up to 25Db when using our structures but also have the ability to add break out rooms directly to the domes; optimising the space available.

There are many more benefits for you to take advantage of, but this depends on your specific event or exhibition. To find out more about our work at Evolution Dome, speak with us today.

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