Case Study | Nissan use 24m dome for the UEFA Cup Final party

Inflatable Temporary Structure

Client - Production 78 for Nissan Event planning company, Production 78 were approached by UEFA official sponsors, Nissan to produce a cup final party near Cardiff for post-match celebrations.

The Brief: Production 78 came to Evolution Dome with the idea of hosting an end of season party at the docks in Newport, following the cup final in Cardiff. They required a large space for the party, with the guests staying aboard a boat docked nearby, after the event. The space had to be large enough for guest, bars, seating, and furniture and also have the right look for the high-profile party being planned.

Inflatable Temporary Structure

The Solution: Evolution Dome suggested using a 24m dome for the event. It has a floor space of 380sqm with 4 entrances/exits, allowing for ease of movement within the structure. The clean, white, dome has a modern and contemporary look. Its unique appearance makes it the ideal backdrop for glamorous parties and events.

Inflatable Temporary Structure

The Result: The 24m dome was installed in a day, complete with flooring, carpet, and glass push bar doors. Due to the warmer weather, air con units were installed to keep the dome at a constant temperature throughout the event. The quick install time meant the Production 78 team had plenty of time to dress the inside of the structure ahead of the event. AV, lights with truss and plenty of decorations with Nissan branding were placed inside and outside of the structure, completing the event perfectly.

Products: 24m Dome with Flooring and Doors

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