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X Pod

The Xpod is a quick, light and portable structure.  The structure is available in 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m models.  It is fully waterproof and the sealed air design means that constant power is not required to keep it inflated.

The Xpod can be fully branded and made in any colour required.  It can also be joined to other Xpod’s using a waterproof joining strip.

To complete your event, we also offer lighting, power, heating/air conditioning and a variety of flooring options.

Xpod Data Sheet


The Xpods are constructed with a high-strength, hard wearing Dacron shell and PU foil interior hose. Dacron material is also used for the roof and side panels.  PVC and mesh panel options are also available.


Installation of the X Pods is very quick.  Quick inflation means the structure is ready to use in around 10 minutes.  The structure can be used on grass and hardstanding. Each structure can be joined to another using joining strips.  Alternatively they can have a sun shade.  All walls are removable allowing the structure to work as a canopy if required.


The X Pod is highly versatile and can be installed on grass, hardstanding and indoors.  Quick install times as well as the the structure being lightweight and portable mean that it can be taken and used anywhere that is required.  A few ideas for its applications are below..

  • Road shows
  • Product launches
  • Exhibition structure
  • Private party
  • Pop-up bar or food stall
  • Inflatable tent



Each X Pod can be joined to another using water proof joining strips.  Side walls can be removed to allow movement from one structure to the next. Alternatively you can use the sunshade as an addition to the structure.

Bespoke Design & Branding

The X Pod range can be full branded.  Each structure can be printed. The option of full print including the roof and side panels is available, as is having one or two of the panels printed.  The structure can also be manufactured in a range of colours.

For further information and examples, please see our Bespoke & Branding page.

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