A Selection of Inflatable Event Structures Ideal for Summer Events

Posted by Alex T

Summer 2017 is around the corner, and with that comes the unpredictable British weather. One minute, glorious sunshine, and the next a massive downpour. At Evolution Dome, we have you covered. Whether your event is small and unique, or on a large scale with a huge turnout, we have an inflatable structure perfect for you.

The Luna

The Luna is one of our most popular structures. It comes in two sizes, the regular being 4.5m x 5.5m and the XL which measures 10 x 7m. Both structures come in a unique curved design, ideal for hiding in during a rainstorm, or chilling in when the sun gets too hot. The Luna is incredibly easy and quick to install and can be transported in a large car or a small van. It comes with a zip indoor which can be easily used in the event of bad weather. The double walled, air design means that the Luna is well insulted, for both sound and temperature.

Temporary Inflatable Structures

The Airoof

The Airoof is an incredibly versatile temporary inflatable structure with two zip in walls that can be removed to create a walk-through canopy. The Airoof has been a favourite at festivals, roadshows and product launches. It can be temporarily branded with Dacron stickers, or a fully printed cover. The Airoof has 55mph wind calculations and is fully waterproof. All Evolution Dome structures can be joined via their doorways, meaning the Airoof can be adjoined onto a cube or dome, to create a visually striking entrance.

Alternative Temporary Inflatable Structures

The X Pod

The Evolution Dome range of X-Pods comes in a variety of sizes, starting at the small 4m model, up to the large 8m. It is very quick and easy to install and can be fully branded upon purchase. The Xpod comes with 4 zipped in walls, which can be removed to create a canopy. The structure has a sealed air design, meaning that once the legs are inflated, they remain this way without requiring further power or pumps. It is a great pop up structure for outdoor events, product launches, road shows and exhibitions. The structure is fully waterproof and makes a great shelter, should it rain.

Pop Up Temporary Inflatable Structures

The Bar

The Evolution Dome Bar unit is a sealed air structure that can be installed anywhere in a matter of minutes. It comes in a range of sizes to suit requirements. The Bar unit can be branded with Dacron stickers or fully printed at manufacture. A back door is used to gain access to the bar. This door can be zipped up and locked securely and a front panel can also be zipped in to prevent access from the front of the bar.

Inflatable Structures

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