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Evolution Dome has a huge range of inflatable structures. Some are small, ideal for creating private meeting rooms, and some are vast, like our Fluid Scarab, which make a great festival venue. As a result of the diverse range and the unique design and construction of the temporary structures, we get asked many questions ranging from how the structures work to how they can be branded. Below is a list of the most common questions we have been asked over the years, hopefully it will give you a better insight into Evolution Dome’s range of event structures.

How do the inflatable structures work?

Evolution Dome’s structures are all fully air support, no truss system is used. The structures have constant air flowing through with the use of inbuilt fans which keeps them inflated.


What are ‘Sealed Air Beams’?

Sealed Air Beams are PVC beams that act like a truss system and skeleton for the event structures. They are rigid and do not need a constant power supply as the air is sealed inside the beams. The beams provide a strong framework in case of power failure or high winds.

Are the event structures safe in bad weather?

Yes, the Evolution Dome range of inflatable structures is fully waterproof and safe in gusts of up to 55mph. The Sealed Air Beams provide a skeleton that acts like trussing for the structures, thereby making it more robust and strong. All Sealed Air structures in the Evolution Dome range come with engineer reports and wind calculations.

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