Fully Branded Structure used for a Promotional Tour of the North


At Evolution Dome we’ve worked on many tours with several different companies.  From University tours focusing on career and education, to food and beverage promotional events.  Evolution Dome has created bespoke, branded Structure’s that have been used on tours to attract the attention of many would be customers.  From completely unique event structures, to having our hire range branded structure with either Dacron stickers or a fully printed cover.

Branded Structure

KRPR approached us earlier this year with an idea of touring the north of England with the Walls Pastries brand.  They required a fully branded inflatable structure and the inside to be split into 3 areas to create separate areas for customer experience.

KRPR decided on a 3 date tour.  We advised against purchasing their own branded inflatable structure.  The benefit of this was to save on storage and labour.  Having a fully printed cover and using our hire range meant that they had the benefit of full branding without having to invest in a full inflatable structure themselves.  Hiring also meant that they had one of our engineers on site for the entire tour, something which many clients find reassuring when doing a whistle stop tour of the country.

The quick install and de-rig times of the event structure meant that the dome was up and ready to use in less than 2 hours.  It was just as quick to pack down meaning that no time or money was wasted on expensive, high footfall plots.

The fully branded cover attracted people with large, recognisable ‘Walls Pastries’ logo’s and the unique inflatable structure definitely caught people’s attention.

Overall the tour was a huge success with the inflatable dome providing a great talking point amongst locals and enticing people to come and see what the event was about.  We look forward to working with KRPR on further installations of this fully branded cover and inflatable structure.


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