Tom Tom Temporary Structure at the Festival Of Speed, Goodwood

TomTom has been a regular client of Evolution Dome over the past couple of years.  They’ve hired our 10m dome temporary structure for outdoor events around the country, adding Dacron stickers for branding.

Branding is of course, very important when taking part in large events, exhibitions and festivals. Having a globally known brand is a huge advantage, but without the right method of branding, company logos and tag lines, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of stands and stalls.

Tom Tom Temporary Structure


Having discussed the options with TomTom after an event last year, we came to the conclusion that a fully printed cover would not only benefit the company in a marketing sense, but also financially by saving money on Dacron stickers.

Tom Tom Temporary Structure

A fully printed cover allows the client to design a full dome with any logos or branding needed. There are no limits on colours used and we’ve had some very detailed artwork turned into covers, displaying a very high level of accuracy at printing.

Covers are manufactured to fit perfectly over the Temporary Structures we have in stock. The cover is then pulled over the dome at install, and zipped in.  It gives the appearance of the dome being directly printed.  This is a great option for clients that require a high level of branding and would like a fully personalised dome, without the cost and commitment of having to purchase a structure themselves.  We offer the option of cover storage, maintenance and cleaning. This means that you simply have to hire the Temporary Structure from us and we take care of the rest.

Tom Tom Temporary Structure

The TomTom cover has already had several uses this summer, with installs at Goodwood Festival and MCN Festival.  We’ve had great feedback from the public as we as the TomTom team.  The domes themselves attract a lot of attention due to the modern design and unique air supported build.  The fully printed covers are the finishing touch, providing you with a unique model that is recognisable and memorable.

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