airoof stage cover

Stage Cover supplied to local Music Festival

This summer saw the annual St Ives Carnival and Music Festival return for two days of fun and music in the Cambridgeshire town.  The festival has been going for several years bringing carnival rides as well as pop and rock music to the public.  Evolution Dome has been working with the organisers of the festival for the last few years – providing a stage cover for the live acts.  As a result of the carnival being open only across 2 days, it was important for the organisers to find a staging solution that could be as quickly installed and de-rigged as the rest of the event structures.

Being a local company, Evolution Dome was keen to help and be involved in such a great local, community project.  We discussed the event requirements with the organisers and decided to go with the Airoof, an inflatable stage cover measuring 11m x 6m.  This temporary structure was the perfect option to allow plenty of room for stage, lighting and performers, whilst providing shelter in case of bad weather.


All Evolution Dome inflatable structures are 55mph wind rated meaning that in the event of high winds, the pop-up structures are completely safe and secure.  The Airoof stage cover also comes with optional back wall allowing for extra shelter from the elements.


With a super quick install time of just one hour,  our engineers were able to have the inflatable stage cover up and ready in the morning, allowing for plenty of time to add staging, light and sound.


The Airoof stage cover no only provides a great method of shelter, but due to the curved style and air supported frame, it also provides great acoustic properties – something that was definitely taken advantage of at the St Ives Carnival and Music Festival!  It also makes for a great focal point due to the bright white colour and modern design.


Following several successful years working with the team at the St Ives Carnival and Music Festival, we expect to be back next year with more of our inflatable structures and joining in with one of our favourite local events.


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